Get your demos heard faster

Trackstack makes sending and managing demos simple, easy and fast.
Build relationships with the DJs that matter to you and get the attention your music deserves.

Sending demos can be a frustrating experience. Trackstack's fresh approach makes the demo exchange easier, faster and more transparent. Experience it right now.

It all starts with the demo

Making it as a DJ ain’t easy. Hours and hours go into making a track and all too often you never get feedback beyond your friendship circles.

We believe every demo deserves a listen.

We do this in three ways:

1. By creating a unified inbox for world-class DJs to rapidly listen to demos.

2. Coupled with rapid fire feedback and shortlisting so you always know where you stand.

3. By offering better pairing suggestions between demo senders and DJs to increase the likelihood of landing a hit.

How it works

Send directly

Find the right DJs that matter to you then send your tracks directly to their centralised inbox.

Track your submission

Always know where you stand. Use your unique submission receipt to see activity and feedback whenever, whereever.

Get feedback or shortlisted

Your effort matters. We make it clear what to expect next if your track is shortlisted or what to take with you in the studio for the next time.

When you succeed. We succeed.

This is Trackstack

Find out about how we serve artists and our journey to building a new approach to demos on the behind the decks podcast.